Founded by Ralph Schwartzman, we are a real estate development and construction company that has been operating since 1956. Our diverse team is dedicated to forging genuine relationships that have lasting impacts on people and places. Whether you’re a landowner, institution or homebuyer, we have the expertise to develop, construct and manage projects from inception to completion.

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Our Fundamentals

With more than 65 years of experience, we are known within the industry as the company to count on. Our company culture is defined by these core values:


Cape Group is a family-run real estate and development company that has spanned across three generations. Rooted at our core are our relationship-centric values, with our dedicated team of professionals as an extension of the family.


We have always searched for the most efficient technology, practices and techniques. By testing new ideas and encouraging further learning internally, we’ll remain at the forefront of innovation in the industry.


It’s not just about building high-quality and lasting developments—it’s about building relationships. We are dedicated to putting smiles on faces and fostering connections that make positive impacts on the community.


65 years of experience is no small endeavour. We challenge ourselves to learn from every project and apply our knowledge to new developments to ensure that every one is a step up from the last.

Our Valued Partners


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