One of the unique things about Cape Group is that we are a full service builder and developer. Not only do we acquire land and plan developments, we also build projects ourselves, from the ground up.

In fact, Cape Group started as a construction company in 1956 and within a few years, we were growing and expanding our business to include many components of development.

Doing our own construction allows us to have control over every detail of our buildings, ensuring that the quality is high and that the work is consistent. When the construction team can work with the development and design teams from the very beginning of a project’s planning, it results in projects that are completed at the highest quality, on time, while also saving money.

We have ten talented, permanent members of our construction team, including Kirk Yuen, our General Manager of Construction for Cape Group. Kirk is a long-time team member with over 25 years of experience in his field. Kirk continuously works with multiple stakeholders to ensure construction project success.

When we build homes, we think of the end-user, the person who will be calling the space home. We consider every detail of livability and design so that the space makes sense for real life.

When a project is complete, we are proud to say that we created the building completely, from the vision and planning, to the first shovel in the ground and last coat of paint.

Visit our projects page to view just some of our construction achievements.