it’s how we build it


There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to developing lasting communities. That’s why Cape Group takes an innovative approach to every project. We don’t rest until we’re sure our developments meet the needs of their communities, and the land they’re built on. Whether it’s our project—or someone else’s—we take pride in our community approach to development, construction, and property management.

We Do It All

Our hands on experience with development, construction and property management gives us a unique perspective on the market, making us a valued partner in residential and commercial projects of every shape and size.


No Two Projects Are Alike

Taking a run-down building or empty lot and transforming it into a vibrant community takes hard work, an open mind and vision— and we have all three. At Cape Group, we are proud of our reputation and adaptable approach. Whether that’s leading construction on private ape Group is proud of our reputation lots, working with institutions and non-profits, or carefully re-positioning legacy properties for future generations— we do it all.


Planning For The Future

When we’re bringing a project to life, we’re developing lasting relationships with the community at the same time. Whether it’s consultants, trades, contractors or municipalities, we understand the importance of working alongside our partners in pursuit of a shared vision. In our design work, we’re always mindful of people living in and around our buildings for decades to come.


Always Innovating, Practicing and Enhancing

Since our founding in 1956, we’ve been building projects, managing our own developments, and providing value as a Construction Contractor to other development partners. At Cape Group, we’re focused on the future. That’s why we’re constantly testing new methodologies, technologies and best practices.

Property & Asset Management

Building Strong Relationships

When we build a project, we’re in it for the long haul. Whatever the type of building, we have a hands-on, practical approach with our in-house Property Management team. A genuine care for the people who live in our buildings or lease one of our commercial or industrial spaces means we work hard to build and maintain those relationships.