Recently Dani Ferenc, The Director of Construction at Alabaster homes, issued a challenge in honour of International Women’s Day. The challenge was to recognize the current state of our business (construction & development).  There is a notable lack of women in the construction and development industry and at Cape Group, we have identified this and over the past three years have seen the dynamics within our company change. This is where we stand today:

  • Out of 28 staff, 14 are female across all levels (50%)
  • 3 out of 5 departments are led by women (60%)
    • Lan Zhang – Financing
    • Karla Fraser – Construction
    • Jennifer Ryan – Marketing
  • We also have a women President- Reisa Schwartzman

We are proud of the team we have built at Cape Group and will continue to make sure that we are part of change in this industry.

A great question is how do we foster girls’ interest in this industry at an early age? If the industry can engage more at an earlier age that will hopefully lead to a greater number of women who are leaders in our field in the future.

Happy International Women’s Day!