An important part of what we do here at Cape Group is bringing on the right consultants for certain projects. Part of that selection is making sure they fit our values as an organization. Human Studio Architecture + Design is one of those consultants and are currently working on two of our developments. We asked them to tell us a little bit about themselves.

Tell us a bit about Human Studios and the work that you do.

Peter Atkinson and I founded Human Studio in 2017 with a specific focus on the intersection between our shared well being and buildings. In our work to date, we have aimed to improve the positive impact architecture can have on the communities that inhabit it and we want to keep doing this. There are many ways to do this – but a critical one is design buildings that make community building easier.

Tell us about the most noteworthy or favourite project you have worked on to date and why?

The Nk’mip Desert Cultural Centre for the Osoyoos Indian Band had a profound impact on me professionally and personally. It was (and is – we are working on an addition) an honour to design a building so central to a community’s expression of itself and that represented a people’s ancient relationship with a special place. One measure of this was the rammed earth we used for the walls having come right from the site.

Another project near to my heart, is my own condo building- Koos Garage, in East Vancouver.  Often as architects we pour ourselves into a project and once it’s complete we aren’t a part of that building’s use.  I get to see the design choices impacting my neighbour’s everyday lives. It’s an incredibly satisfying feeling.

Tell us what is most important to you when working on a project?

Sociability.  Its woven into the name of our studio! We are always asking- how does this project effect the human experience? That question folds in many issues central to our well being- a thriving environment being just one facet of our concerns.  In an online world it’s easy to forget that real life buildings are the places where human connections are made. How buildings are designed goes really far in either helping or getting in the way of the connections that directly impact the quality of our collective lives. Put simply – we want to help create places where being friends with your neighbours is easy!

Tell us why you like working with the Cape Group?

We place a lot of emphasis on our working relationships, both within our team and with the companies and organizations we connect with.  We want to spend our time working with people that share our values and visions and are fun to be around. Cape Group is a family business that has a long legacy of service to the part of the world we work and live within. What really shows up for me with Cape Group is that they are genuinely committed to people living well. They make buildings for people to spend their lives in and not just for the quick flip.  They’re also really nice people!

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