Since you came to Cape Group from a different industry, how is marketing in the real estate development industry different than other industries?

My background has predominantly been in food service/restaurant marketing. Coming to Cape was big change that required me to learn a lot in a short time but when it really comes down to it, the marketing concepts aren’t too different. Instead of finding a feature menu or menu items etc that would resonate with our consumers, we are trying to design buildings and units that would resonate with consumers.

From initial land acquisitions, our development, construction and marketing teams determine what is the best project for the land, taking into consideration the neighborhood and community, the end user and what would best suit their needs and then we can develop a campaign around that to either sell or rent the units.

What does your typical day look like? 

Part of what I love about marketing is that my days are always different especially in this industry. I  could be meeting with our agencies to fine tune campaigns for a project, taking status calls with our sales or leasing teams, maintaining our multiple websites and blogs, deciding what corporate merchandise we need to order or collateral needs to be developed and overall being the Cape Group brand police- making sure that everyone in the office is being consistent with our brand, not just in terms of proper logo use but that they are being true to the values of the company.

What do you love about working for Cape Group.

One of the values here at Cape, is FAMILY and you really feel that here. You don’t just feel like an employee but you feel like you belong. And we have such great people working here. I really do feel lucky to be working with such a diverse, fun, hardworking, committed group.

Pepsi or Coke?

Ah the Pepsi vs Coke debate. So polarizing but I am definitely a Coke girl. I have such fond memories that are associated with it. I think about Popcorn and Coke movie nights every Friday when I was growing up. Christmas’s in Hawaii. To this day, I still drink regular Coke at Christmas time even though I would drink Diet every other time of the year.