How did you get started in Property Management?

I  started in property management formally in 2012 but was exposed to it at a young age being around a few commercial buildings that my family owned and managed in Vancouver.

What does a typical day look for you?

A typical day will start with the phone ringing at around 7am from usually a contractor who has a question regarding a tenant improvement we are working on. The phone will continue ringing steady throughout the day. Calls will range from a commercial tenant having a question about their lease renewal, to a site superintendent needing the months move in dates, to unit deficiency updates for a recently completed apartment building. A typical day will also include:

    • communication with commercial brokers inquiring about a vacancy
    • residential building managers needing assistance from HQ
    • approving invoices for our accounting dept to process
    • coordinating tenant and landlord improvements
    • managing all the commercial lease renewals throughout the portfolio

What is the hardest aspect of your role?

The hardest part about the job is keeping everybody happy….tenants primarily. No matter how much preparation or pre-planning, there will always be some unhappy customers. I strive to do the best I can to make sure all tenants, suppliers and contractors have a positive interaction with our company.

What song do you feel compelled to sing along with when you hear them, even if you don’t know all the words?

Definitely a Taylor Swift or Alicia keys song that my four year daughter makes me play on repeat during the early morning drive to school. I don’t know what the songs are called.  🙂